Medical Concierge

Medical Concierge Services London

We help manage your most precious commodity – Your Time, for an extraordinary life. Our Membership Options:

– Entry Level

– Gold

– Gold Elite

– Platinum

Access to carefully cultivated global network of ready and engaged medical partners. Rick factors are assessed for preventative care. Each patient will have a tailor made health solution using AI & the lates advances in Western medicine.


Personalised Health & Wellness Services

  • Access to carefully cultivated global network of ready and engaged partners
  • Risk factors assessed for preventative care with a Health & wellness
  • Rejuvenation screening
  • Tailor-made solutions to unlock vast potential of their lives using AI & Latest advances in western medicine
  • Prestigious benefits such as, IV nutritional therapy & an annual MOT
  • Access to 24/7 urgent care doctors

Look Better. Feel Better. Live Better.

Whether it’s preventing illness, investigating or the management of existing health problems and urgent care needs, ViTOX medical concierge removes the administrative & logistical burden people typically experience when searching for healthcare solutions. We also adopt a holistic client-centred approach to providing excellent care whenever you want wherever you are for ultimate satisfaction.

Our packages are tailor-made with the client’s convenience in mind ultimately enabling them take control of their health whatever their goals. We provide support via a team of medical experts with excellent communication skills using technologically compatible software to deliver discreet, confidential care either via mobile or online applications.


Urgent Care
Medical Consultation
Health Monitoring & Screening
Health Prevention Management