IV Vitamin Nutrition Therapy

Intravenous micronutrient is an emerging health trend for rehydrating and boosting the immune system.

Effects of the micronutrients are usually felt or seen immediately and can last up to 2-3 days

ViTOX’s selection of IV micronutrient therapies have been specially sought and carefully designed to target client’s wellbeing needs from simple hydration to recovery aids or personalised formulas leaving them feeling invigorated, looking refreshed and reenergising their physiological and mental wellbeing.

Our signature IV cocktails are designed with safety and effectiveness in mind. They are provided only under the authorisation of a prescribing board certified physician after a full health assessment. VITOX’s formula infusions are prepared fresh on-site to reduce the risk of oxidative damage and can be give either as a slow push over 20 mins or an IV drip over 30-45 mins.

Blood concentrations achieved with IMS are much higher than other routes of administration such as orally bypassing GI absorption and transformation in the liver thereby delivering 100% of the essential micronutrients directly into the bloodstream for faster results.

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Vitox Signature Infusions


The foundation of most of our infusions providing maximum hydration and mineral replacement.


Contains proteins such as arginine, taurine, glutamine and L-carnitine to help boost energy levels. Enhances muscle recovery. Provides sustained energy release/production. Helps to burn fat cells.


Our ultimate signature cocktail based on Dr Myers pioneering infusion.


Rehydrating hangover cure. Relieves nausea. Boosts the immune system to help detox and clear toxins faster. Leaves clients feeling renewed.


Consists mainly of fat burning amino acids, glutamine and carnitine. Works with satiety enhancers to boost metabolism. Other ingredients like choline, lysine help support the physiological detoxification process.


Skin radiance is restored/rejuvenated. The anti-aging properties of glutathione along with antioxidants, help boost cellular repair and regenesis. Deep tissue hydration of the skin and the stimulation of collagen production the give ultimate result of a more youthful appearance.


Phenylalanine, butamine, magnesium and glutamine help create the perfect “pick me up” by balancing stress hormones, restoring calm, improving concentration/memory levels and aiding restful sleep.


High doses of antioxidants to optimise the immune system. Reduces oxidative stress and protects against build up of damaging free radicals. Enhances recovery from illnesses/viruses/allergies. Also contains Vitamin C, B vitamins, Zinc, and antihistamines.