Luxury Spa Treatments

A specially curated range of health and beauty therapies provided by expert trained and fully certified practitioners to maximise our client’s wellbeing. We combine the very best of time-honoured ancient practices and contemporary medicine principles to deliver treatments that arouse the senses and bring out the ultimate rejuvenated you.

Relax, unwind and escape through ViTOX’s unique and curated range of relaxation experiences with


– Scalp, Shoulder & Arm Massage

Works to relax the body helping release stress and  build up of knots

– Deep Tissue & Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Provides tension relieving and lymphatic drainage benefits

– Green Tea Body Wrap

Works as a digestive wellness aid and skin treatment

– Reflexology

Stimulates the nervous system through foot massage points

– Shiatsu

Offers the most gentle massage yet still relieves tension

– Reiki

Traditional Japanese complimentary energy healing therapy

– Laser Acupuncture

Technology enhanced ancient health practice that focuses on the nervous system

– Cupping

Traditional technique that draws any toxins out of your bloodstream