WELLBEING (Mind, Body, Fitness)

Luxury Health & Wellbeing Programmes

We provide a wide array of Comprehensive Healthcare & Wellness Solutions, created by our team of experts that consists of a dedicated wellness concierge and all accompanying physicians, physiotherapists, chiropractors, nutritionists, mental health therapists, sleep physiologists, personal trainers as well as mindfulness and lifestyle coaches.

Our innovatively holistic approach guarantees our clients optimised healthcare and wellness through individually tailored solutions. ViTOX wellbeing programmes help our clients achieve different sets of goals such as maximising mindfulness, reaching peak physical conditions, balancing hormones, or enhancing mental and emotional wellbeing.


– Comprehensive Plans

– Tailored Nutrition & Meal Plans

– Functional Health & Wellbeing Management

– Hormone Balance & Weight Management

– Mental Health Support

– Lifestyle & Mindset Coaching

– Detox/Rehab

– Sports Injury Recovery and Rehabilitation

– Cardiopulmonary Health Management

– Gut/GI Control

– Cryotherapy

– Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy & Regenerative Medicine


ViTOX specialist nutritionists work with you to attain your desired outcome or lifestyle goals. We will explore the root cause whilst analysing your diet, digestion, sleep, exercise regimen, health history including medication, and supplementation, along with any relevant analytical tests.

You will be guided through the emotional and psychological factors that may play a part in maintaining healthy eating habits and an optimal weight. We are skilled in managing behaviours related to food addiction or rejection, and any unconscious hindrances which can negatively impact the proper management of eating habits.

Our professional nutritionists offer personalised and holistic dietary solutions including natural therapies, diet, supplements, iV nutrition therapy, and healthy exercise habits.

Benefit from ViTOX’s menu of vegan friendly shots loaded with pressed juices and extra vitamins and minerals, with recipes created by our world-class team containing a whole variety of natural superfoods/plant extracts brimming with energy, antioxidant and immune system boosting properties.

Functional Health & Wellbeing Management

ViTOX holistic approach to health and wellbeing promotes the idea that there is an intertwining cycle between mind, body, and spirit that plays a vital role in optimising health & maximising overall wellbeing. 

Focusing on the harmony of these three pillars of humanity, you can expect to experience more energy, improved sleep, renewed focus, increased libido, a better physique, as well as reducing pain and stress.

We adopt a systems-oriented and deeply scientific approach that takes into account your biochemistry, physiology, psychology, genetics, and environmental exposures as part of a root cause analysis when looking into a specific health or wellness concern.

Our Specialist Consultants identify any imbalances and address whole body function, focusing on nutrition, sleep, and stress management.

Using analytical tools, we can identify your individual genetic risk towards specific diseases/cancers to implement protective measures. 

Prolonging your lifespan is realistic and achievable thanks to regenerative treatments such as stem cell therapy, exosome therapy, iV nutrition therapy, hyperbaric oxygen, and regenerative laser therapy.

Fitness & Sports Therapy

ViTOX therapy solutions are designed to boost physical performance, prevent injury and help rehabilitate clients to optimal functionality for sports specific fitness.

Helping you improve the way you move and live pain-free, active lives by focusing on key areas like prevention, evaluation, recognition and rehabilitation. 

Everyone can benefit from sports therapy, not just athletes.

Providing hands-on treatment and corrective exercise, our approach is backed by the latest research as a highly effective way to reduce pain, improving posture and the way you move, working towards making your body “Futureproof”

Choose from the wide variety of ViTOX treatments and tailored solutions to optimise health in every part of your body.

Mental Health Therapy & Rehabilitation 

Our lives can become so busy and stressful thereby posing mental health challenges that feel confusing, relentless, and overwhelming. This makes it overly exhausting to spend each day battling numerous thoughts or symptoms.

These experiences affect our physical, psychological, social, and emotional wellbeing, leading to unhealthy coping mechanisms like addiction or adverse behaviour as a means of dealing with one’s mental state. As a result, our personal or work relationships become strained, adding to the vicious cycle. 

ViTOX’s unique approach provides a nurturing and empowering environment for clients to access valuable help as we understand how difficult it can be to balance your responsibilities at home and at work with your own health and wellbeing.

With this in mind, we place high importance in providing 24/7 real-time support and workable therapeutic solutions that are available at your convenience.

Our 360-degree personalised integrated care treatment programmes are rooted in empathy and pragmatism, built for our clients to create healthier coping mechanisms for whatever the challenges are they are facing.

Our team of mental health specialists will help you process any difficult emotions and re-strengthen your mind-body connection utilising effective practices including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Neurofeedback, Meditative therapy, Mindful Reprogramming, and Virtual Reality (VR) Programmes & Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR).

We provide fully supported and confidential recovery pathways so your desired goals are reached with the utmost discretion. Working together with our clients, we significantly improve emotional, physical, and neurobiological health using our harm reduction solutions, tailored specifically to your needs.

Let ViTOX be your guide on your journey away from daily stress and draining fatigue to being well rested with everyday tranquillity.


Looking to RESET and feel empowered?

Want to create a strong health and wellness lifestyle and eliminate Burnout?

The Ultimate ViTOX Retreats Experience is here for you

Accompanying guests on their healing pathway at a wellness retreat, be it in the villages of the Cotswolds, the glamour of the French Riviera in the South of France, an idyllic Greek Island or … Switzerland will be a team of fully registered and qualified medical professionals. The team assesses each individual client’s healthcare and wellbeing needs in order to create fully customised programmes through a variety of disciplines including Cardiology and Medical Diagnostics, Aesthetic Medicine and Nutrition Therapy, as well as Osteopathy and Physical Therapy.

Our retreats offer innovative personalised programmes with luxury 5* service to:

  • Solidify the perfect work/life balance
  • Manage stress and regulate emotions/hormones
  • Ignite creativity and Inspire satisfaction

Learn new healthy habits that optimise your general state of health and wellbeing. Slow down, relax and disconnect from a demanding lifestyle.

ViTOX will help you re-align and recalibrate for a longer and better fulfilled life!

Feel better. Look better. Live better.