Specialised Medical Services

Premium Medical Services in London

Utilising a network of recognised healthcare providers and medical professionals from throughout the UK that is second to none, ViTOX provides a wide range of specialised medical services and aftercare packages for both domestic and international individuals/families, corporate clients, and healthcare tourists.

Our Medical Services  

Personalised and specialist healthcare options that make use of the latest therapies, medicines and advances available in the private healthcare industry.


  • GP Services
  • Specialised Consultations
  • Prescriptions
  • Expert Practitioner Referrals through our carefully curated network of trusted partners
  • Medical Reports & Fitness Certificates
  • Comprehensive Health Assessments to check your overall health and bodily function
  • Tailor-made Medical Treatment Plans that factor in mind, body, and spirit
  • Vaccines & Travel Medicine accessible 24/7 through our Urgent Care Service
  • Sports Medicine and Aviation Medicine alongside a range of other specialist areas in medicine and Allied Healthcare


Feel Better. Look Better. Live Better.