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iV Micronutrient / Vitamin Therapy

Leading Premium IMS / iV therapy providers in London for optimal wellness

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ViTOX Exclusive Health & Wellness Club

Luxury Meets Medical Excellence

  • ViTOX is a “one stop” boutique service platform providing personalised and integrated health & wellness solutions discreetly and professionally, at a time that best suits our clients.
  • Also providing a curated range of Aesthetic and Wellness services, all led and managed by accredited medical experts and some of London’s most sought after allied health professionals.
  • Combining flexible, convenient, real-time access with personalised solutions including any number of healthcare, wellness and beauty therapies/treatments, ViTOX is revolutionising the provision of health and wellness for busy individuals and families juggling work and daily obligations
  • With clinics based in Harley Street & Mayfair, we are industry leaders in providing exclusive Prioritised 24/7 Urgent Care access and a unique physician-led Tailored Medical Concierge Service.
  • Working with a carefully selected global network of trusted partners and affiliate professional services.
  • Assisting our clients achieve a state of optimal health and wellbeing no matter their age, boosting wellbeing and productivity without compromising even the busiest of schedules.

Feel Better. Look Better. Live Better!

ViTOX is an innovative and internationally oriented platform providing premium healthcare & bespoke lifestyle solutions, as well as a unique tailored medical concierge service. Established for the discerning client that wants to strike the perfect balance between optimal health and wellbeing without interfering with their non-stop lifestyles and schedules, we support and empower our clients to make the best choices for their future. Our platform is a market leader in offering highly flexible, real time access to a full range of healthcare and wellbeing treatments and therapies to meet each and every client’s individual needs.

Only utilising the latest and most advanced scientific techniques and evidence-based therapies to provide a rarely found 360 degree approach to health and wellbeing, our healthcare professional led team is well positioned to meet the high standards and full requirements of all of our clients, whether its individuals at home requiring urgent care and healthcare diagnostics, corporate teams taking advantage of our pop-up spa right by the office, or a family planning aesthetic treatments at our clinic.


A carefully curated array of treatments and corrective procedures customised and/or combined to meet the clients’ every need. Our aesthetic services are coupled with world-class aftercare and an exclusive urgent care service provided around the clock if needed.

Health & Wellbeing

Using personalised wellbeing packages created holistically by the ViTOX team of world-class health & wellness experts. Promoting mindfulness, peak physical conditions & optimal wellbeing goals.

IV Micronutrient Therapy

Look and feel invigorated with our ViTOX selection of carefully sought IV micronutrient supplemntation infusions which help target wellbeing, boost immunity and rejuvenate your appearance.

Reliable & Immediate Results

Available In Clinic or In Your Home

Blood Tests & Screens

Results available in 2-3 working days

– Acute blood screen

– Advanced Cardiac Lipid Profile

– Fitness Performance Profile

Convenient & Flexible Options


Available In Clinic or In Your Home


Blood Tests & Screens

Results available in 2-3 working days

– Acute blood screen

– Advanced Cardiac Lipid Profile

– Fitness Performance Profile

Medical Concierge

World-class exemplary personalised intergrated health wellness solutions for the discerning Client





Tell Us Your Healthcare and Wellness Concerns

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ViTOX was at the 71st Cannes Film Festival to introduce our brand concept. Contact us to learn more!

“My wife was embarrassed about a lump
she had but Dr Verma, from ViTOX was
very professional and removed her lump
safely, in a very clean way using their
portable ultrasound in the convenience
of our own home”

– Phillip, London

Thank you ViTOX for the personalised
wellness package in preparation for
my charity bike ride marathon. Your IV
infusions, fitness and nutrition plans
worked seamlessly with my schedule
and helped me achieve my dream of a
new personal best record.

– Chris, Chelsea

“My son was not able to have surgery to
fix his broken wrist on the NHS. ViTOX
reviewed the X-rays and referred us to a
top Orthopaedic surgeon in London who
was able to repair the broken wrist the
following day”

– Hamda, UAE

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