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The definitive one-stop boutique service platform for discerning clientele seeking an 360-degree integrated care approach to elite health, wellness and aesthetics. Our bespoke services blend seamlessly into your lifestyle, offered by London’s top medical experts and allied health professionals.
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ViTOX is an innovative and internationally oriented platform providing premium healthcare & bespoke lifestyle solutions, as well as a unique tailored medical concierge service. Established for the discerning client that wants to strike the perfect balance between optimal health and wellbeing without interfering with their non-stop lifestyles and schedules, we support and empower our clients to make the best choices for their future. Our platform is a market leader in offering highly flexible, real time access to a full range of healthcare and wellbeing treatments and therapies to meet each and every client’s individual needs.

Only utilising the latest and most advanced scientific techniques and evidence-based therapies to provide a rarely found 360 degree approach to health and wellbeing, our healthcare professional led team is well positioned to meet the high standards and full requirements of all of our clients, whether its individuals at home requiring urgent care and healthcare diagnostics, corporate teams taking advantage of our pop-up spa right by the office, or a family planning aesthetic treatments at our clinic.

Blood Tests & Screens

with Doctor’s Report

Results available in 1-2 working days

– Acute blood screen
– Advanced Cardiac Lipid Profile
– Fitness Performance Profile
– Hormone Profile

Reliable & Immediate Results

Available In Clinic or In Your Home

Convenient & Flexible Options


Available In Clinic or In Your Home


Blood Tests & Screens

with Doctor’s Report

Results available in 2-3 working days

– Acute blood screen

– Advanced Cardiac Lipid Profile

– Fitness Performance Profile

Medical Concierge

World-class exemplary personalised intergrated health wellness solutions for the discerning Client





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Client Reviews

“My wife was embarrassed about a lump she had but the Doctor from ViTOX was very professional and removed her lump safely, in a very clean way using their portable ultrasound in the convenience of our own home”


Thank you ViTOX for the personalised wellness package in preparation for my charity bike ride marathon. Your IV infusions, fitness and nutrition plans worked seamlessly with my schedule and helped me achieve my dream of a new personal best record.

– Chris, Chelsea

“My son was not able to have surgery to fix his broken wrist on the NHS. ViTOX reviewed the X-rays and referred us to a top Orthopaedic surgeon in London who was able to repair the broken wrist the following day”

– Hamda, UAE

As a company owner/entrepreneur, I've been trying to find the perfect work vs life balance. I recently needed a booster as felt so tired mentally & physically with no energy to train at the gym or follow my nutritionist's diet UNTIL I found ViTOX

– Marco, London

The universe sent my way, two passionate souls who founded a 360-degree health and wellness services called ViTOX - these guys live, breathe and walk health/wellness. Their IVs are personalised and my experience was fascinating.

– Helena, Mayfair

Thank you Dr Nicole & Dr Lorenzo for founding ViTOX and allowing to enjoy the last few days with renewed energy. I can't wait to introduce you to all my colleagues & friends for a shot of that little magic you have at ViTOX.

– Heloise A, Marrakesh

Would only ever have my Botox and filler done by Dr. Lorenzo #thebest

– Sarah Lou, Hampshire

“Dr Lorenzo is amazing, thank you for accommodating me so last minute. I really felt unwell during my trip to London, but now I am much better and able to carry out my business activities.”

– Nathan, USA

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